SuccorfishM2M is a world leading provider of intelligent, GPS, M2M & IoT hardware, software and data communication systems

Our innovative, next generation solutions use cutting edge technologies, Iridium satellite & 3G quadband data and specialist software to remotely track, locate and communicate with any high value asset.

More than just GPS tracking - solving business challenges with the very latest m2m and IoT hardware

Succorfish not only provides realtime tracking capability, but we also integrate with sensors and systems to provide upto the minute data for analysis and action.

Work With Succorfish On Your Own M2M, IoT or GPS Product And Leverage Our Expertise and Experience To Take Your Idea To Reality

Succorfish has facilities in Newcastle, UK; San Diego, USA and Mysore, India which are able to provide full service engineering services to take your ideas from concept to full production.

Why Customers Choose Succorfish ....

Best Of Breed Devices

SuccorfishM2M is at the cutting edge of designing, developing and manufacturing robust, fit for purpose, hardware that delivers GPS, M2M and IoT functionality:

  • GPS asset tracking.
  • Telemetry & Monitoring over wireless networks.
  • Fixed power and portable devices.
  • Seamless global roaming and network interoperation.

User Friendly Software

Remotely manage, map and control all mobile assets in real time and to within two metres worldwide via any mobile, desktop or tablet device.

  • instant access to accurate, high worth asset data from any location
  • a secure, web-based online platform
  • SMS and email alerting
  • Mobile device and tablet interface.
  • Integrated and customisable mapping.

Complete Connectivity

SuccorfishM2M products incorporate the world’s most advanced and cutting edge radio and wireless technology including:

  • Iridium satellite constellations.
  • Cellular data networks.
  • Advanced Bluetooth radios
  • 121-406 COSPAS SARSAT emergency networks

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