Asset Monitoring & Tracking

Track and Monitor Your Valuable Assets With Succorfish M2M, GPS and IoT Technology

Maintaining visbility and connectivity to the location and status of valuable business assets and inventory is critical to business operations.
With a Succorfish solution, managing your assets becomes much easier with IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions, enabling our customers to remotely track equipment and fleets, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money, and create new revenue streams.

Why Succorfish M2M IoT Asset Monitoring?

Succorfish smart asset monitoring and analytics solutions leverage web, analytics, and wireless into a single solution to offer a centralized consolidated tracking and monitoring and analytics system.
Succorfish systems provide anytime, anywhere access and any device connectivity with enormous scalability and effective integrations.

Here are just a few ways that our customers can use Succorfish technology:

  • Extract real-time information to make smarter business decisions.
  • Replace inventory at the right time to maximize profitability.
  • Locate and identify any lost or stolen items for better theft prevention and recovery.
  • Monitor event alerts and take immediate action to reduce negative impact.
  • Offer new services to customers such as proactively replenishing parts or supplies.
SC2 - M2M GPS IoT Fixed Tracking Reader

This innovative, multi-functional, turn-key, data transfer solution is hard-wired to any mobile or fixed asset and incorporates secure, online software to provide total, real time, pole-to-pole connectivity anywhere in the world.

SC3 - M2M GPS IoT MultipurposeTracking Reader

A portable and multipurpose long life battery powered asset tracking and data communication solution that can be attached to any asset.

Bluetooth Beacons - Longlife, low power, telemetry

Succorfish SC2 & SC3 M2M devices with their global connectivity have Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Succorfish have now developed robust low cost Bluetooth beacons that utilise this connectivity and increase the capacity of your monitoring in supply chain and logistics applications

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