iVMS & Fisheries Management

Why Choose Succorfish Inshore Vessel Monitoring Technology?

SuccorfishM2M is a leader in fisheries data collection. Our technology is built upon the real issues faced by the fishing industry and delivers cost effective, easy to use solutions that allow fishermen to do what they do best – catch fish.

Capturing Fishing Patterns

The fishing industry must provide data that collectively informs management and evidences activity. It is disappointing that the default position assumes that fishing activity, more often than not, is damaging. SuccorfishM2M technology allows fishing vessels to provide a real and robust picture enabling them to defend their interests.
SuccorfishM2M technologies are interoperable meaning that fishermen can easily add more features. The SC2-VMS is the ‘hub’ and monitors vessel position at high frequency and low cost using mobile phone networks. Other robust and simple to operate gear monitoring technologies have been developed to allow all vessel types to record precisely when and where they are fishing. Additionally, Catch App is a free to download app that allows fishermen to record vital fishing activity data (e.g. catch, return, weather, species observation etc.) and and access information free of charge.

Inshore Fisheries Management

For years, inshore fishing has suffered from insufficient (or a lack of) management. In some ways this can be apportioned to the sector’s invisibility and an unsatisfactory level of understanding by the managing authorities. It is imperative that the sector significantly raises its profile as well as improving understanding amongst its management.
This can be achieved by sharing evidence regarding fishing operations such as individual vessel movement, fishing effort, catch rates and economic costs. SuccorfishM2M’s iVMS accurately and efficiently captures such data as and when it happens (real time) in an automated and secure manner.

Remote Data Collection

SuccorfishM2M SC2 hardware used as a communications hub on board a fishing vessel and can send and receive data in a cost effective manner.

The system based on the mobile phone network is cost effective and using cutting edge antenna technology can generally give good coverage out to 12 miles and up to 24 miles off shore at certain times.

Succorfish Catch App

As well as recording catch details, Catch App can be used to gather evidence on other sea creatures. Fishermen know the sea better than anyone and with the correct tools they can collect valuable data on species, changes to the environment and even help control invasive species that can threaten native wildlife.

Gear Conflict

Unfortunately conflict between fishermen and some losing their gear is an issue in the industry and clearly it is a significant hardship for the fishermen involved. Equally it can lead to false allegations.

Vessels with iVMS on board can show exact fishing location and the time such activity occurred. Monitoring this system can demonstrate the location of vessels and gear. Employing iVMS leads to a quicker and amicable resolution to the problem and possibly complete avoidance of the issue through better adherence to rules or agreements.

Vessel & Crew Safety

Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations anywhere in the world with 60,000 estimated deaths each year (WHO). SuccorfishM2M’s iVMS has built in distress alert capabilities and these can be directed to any e mail or SMS address.
Users can also set up geo-fences (restricted areas) around specific sites and should the vessel enter/leave such areas, notification of doing so is sent. This facility can be very useful in the case of moorings. The system can also be used to notify the vessel owner when the onboard batteries run low.

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