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Smarter Devices and Communications for Tactical Defense

Succorfish is committed to working with our defense customers to ensure they have access to our experience utilising our technology in the commercial world.
Whether overland, at sea or underwater, Succorfish devices and connectivity have a key role to play in delivery efficiency and effectiveness.

Operational Communications - SC4X Subsea to Surface Messaging

SC4X is a revolutionary messaging system delivering secure subsea to surface communications to a depth of 40 meters and a distance of upto 5km.
This groundbreaking, wireless communication hardware system provides the most advanced and tactically secure, two way communications between surface personnel and subsea operatives operating anywhere in the world.

Asset Visibility at Land and Sea - SC2 Dual Mode GPS

A total, remote asset tracking and data communication solution that is hard-wired to any land, marine and tactical asset. Designed and developed by industry experts to withstand the Earth’s harshest conditions, the SC2 provides truly global, 24/7 asset connectivity and the ultimate resilience for demanding applications.
This innovative, multi-functional, turn-key, data transfer solution is hard-wired to any mobile asset and incorporates secure, online software to provide total, real time, pole-to-pole connectivity anywhere in the world. The SC2 incorporates advanced, dual Iridium satellite and GPS/GPRS/GSM mobile technology to provide accurate global positional data to within TWO METRES.

Portable & Multipurpose Tracking - SC3 Dual Mode, Longlife Battery GPS

A complete, remote asset tracking and data communication solution with long life battery.
Multipurpose design means it can be used any land, marine and tactical asset. This fit-for-purpose, M2M system is designed to withstand the most harsh environments and incorporates secure, online software to provide the ultimate, pole-to-pole connectivity.
Provides commercial and government customers with the most cost-effective satellite solution available for both fixed and mobile applications, such as intermodal shipping containers, trailers, buoys and barges.

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