Superyacht Security & Vessel Tracking

Succorfish Superyacht Security Systems

We fully recognise that a superyacht and its mobile assets represent significant capital investment. Therefore it is imperative that the value of the investment is protected at the highest possible level and with the best possible solution.
Our intelligent, machine-2-machine (M2M) monitoring and data communication systems provide accurate, real-time tracking of multiple assets and/or persons moving beyond the guard rail in one bespoke solution, regardless of location.


Our ‘closed’ proprietary hardware, software and intelligent wireless technologies are mesh networked to create a definitive, multi-platform, redundant layer communications system, and bespoke superyacht solution with military standard specification and data encryption.

Succorfish SC2 Technology

SC2 is total, remote, asset management device that is hard-wired to any mobile marine asset operating in the superyacht arena (e.g. powerboat, jet-ski) and acts as the information ‘hub’ on the yacht.

Key Features of SC2

  • Dual Iridium satellite and GPS/GPRS/GSM mobile technology tracks an asset and provides accurate, real time, positional data to within two metres worldwide.
  • Rugged IP68 Taoglas enclosure designed for industry and Milspec 810G standard.
  • 2GB internal memory and Bluetooth/wifi/3G connectivity.
  • AES256 data encryption security and ISPEC VPN.
  • Operating temperature from -40 to +85 degrees C. No external antennae (covert fit).
Succorfish SC4X Diver Security

SC4X is a revolutionary surface to subsea messaging system that allows personnel to communicate directly with underwater operatives and send duplex messages to multiple users and/or send assistance should a diver get into difficulties.

Key Features of SC4X

  • Highly advanced, real time communications from surface to subsea operatives to a depth of 40 metres.
  • Diver to boat distance 5km and diver to
    diver distance 3km.
  • Communication of up to eight divers via
    control unit on dive boat.
  • Up to 50 predefined canned messages
    plus message composition via app.
  • PLB/AIS-SART 121.5 search & rescue beacon and man-overboard (MOB) activation.
  • Two way, on-screen status reporting/commands /action.
Succorfish Personal Wireless Technology

A portable, easy-to-wear yet innovative wireless device that accurately locates and tracks an individual’s movements in real-time.

Key Features

  • Precise, real-time reporting and 3G/GPS
  • BLE 5.0
  • Ideal for close protection purposes and designed to IP68 standards.
  • Emergency alert capability.
  • Audible and vibration alert functions.

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