IoT GPS and M2M Devices

SC2 Fixed GPS M2M IoT Device

A total, remote asset tracking and data communication solution that is hard-wired to any land, marine and tactical asset.

SC3 Portable GPS M2M IoT Device

A portable and multipurpose long life battery powered asset tracking and data communication solution that can be attached to any asset.

SC4 Personnel Monitoring & Tracking

SC4 provides secure and safety to personnel and lone operatives working in extreme conditions anywhere in the world.

SC4X Elite Diver Subsea to Surface Messaging & Tracking

SC4X is a revolutionary messaging system delivering secure subsea to surface communications to a depth of 40 meters

Solar Infinity Solar-Powered GPS M2M IoT Device

Solar Infinity is a state of the art real-time solar tracking and monitoring device used in remote areas and oceans.

Bluetooth Beacons

Long range transmission of location, proximity, temperature, depth or customisable data over bluetooth low emission.

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