Bluetooth Beacons

Succorfish Bluetooth Beacon – Cost effectively extend your remote monitoring in harsh environments.

The Resilient SC2 & SC3 devices with global connectivity have Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Succorfish have now developed robust low cost Bluetooth beacons that utilise this connectivity and increase the capacity of your monitoring in remote and harsh environments.

The Bluetooth beacons each have a unique serial number which is read by the devices when within range. The SC2 and SC3 devices forwards the beacons status to the Succorfish database and software every time it changes. This data can then be viewed in near real time and automatic alerts created when the status changes. This technology could be used for monitoring any activity where the beacon will move in and out of range, thus extending the range of your monitoring activity without significantly increasing the costs.

Fisheries – monitoring fishing gears and accurately recording fishing effort
Marine – Wireless Bilge alarm
Site monitoring – record movement of people / product / assets around your site
Any remote activity which will break / restore a signal

Key features
• IP68 robust design
• Configurable read range up to 100m
• Unique ID for each beacon
• Read up to 50 beacons at any time.
• 5 year battery life
• Small size with fitting lugs for easy deployment
• Real time data transmission
• Configurable software to view activity
• Automated alerts to your phone
• Low cost modular addition to SC2 device with minimal setup

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